Nino Abdaladze, 22, Georgia
Nino has a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and is currently doing her MA degree in Multimedia Journalism and Media Management at Georgian Institute Of Public Affairs. She has completed several internships in different media organisations including in the Tbilisi office of Radio Free Europe. Now she is working as a freelancer for the online magazine and is interested in social issues such as refugees, poverty, human rights.

Sona Aghbalyan, 25, Armenia
Sona has worked at an Armenian local TV station for six years as an interpreter-journalist for international news. She participated in the 'Investigative journalism summer school' organized by the OCCRP in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia. Sona covers both world and regional news. She holds a Master degree in Psychology.

Olesya Bida, 22, Ukraine
Olesya has just finished her BA in Philology at the National University Kyiv-Mohyla academy. Now she enrolling in the MA in Journalism, working for both local and national media. Last summer she was an intern at Radio Svoboda/ RFE/RL.  Interested in social topics, she is now working as an intern at Ukrainska pravda and is currently investigating the topic of cash fraud in nursing homes for homeless people.

Adrián Blanco Ramos, 24, Spain
Adrián loves reporting, data and telling stories with visual resources and writes his own bits of code to create visualizations or to obtain data to support the stories and investigations he works on. He is a journalism graduate from Complutense University of Madrid and an English studies graduate at UNED and has spent one term at the Loyola University of Chicago. He currently works as a data journalist at the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial. Previously he has been working at Agencia EFE, Radio Televisión Española, The Times, The Sunday Times and Delayed Gratification.

Alexandre Brutelle, 24, France
Alexandre started his career as a freelance journalist after covering the Ukrainian revolution in 2014 from Kiev. In 2015, he joined the news desk of the French - Turkish newspaper Aujourd'hui la Turquie, based in Istanbul, as a journalist and assistant editor-in chief. These experiences led him to publish several correspondent reports in various French media. Back in France, in 2015 he enrolled in a Master program in Web Journalism with the ESJ Paris journalism school. He is currently working on local investigations in Nice as well as on several analysis of the French media system, mostly related to the question of terrorism, while trying to finance further correspondent trips abroad.

James Cantwell, 21, UK
James has recently graduated from the Danish and Dutch Schools of Journalism with a diploma in European Reporting and is currently working towards his BA in English Language and Communications. Starting his career as broadcast journalist specialising in domestic politics, he has worked for: Sky News on the EU referendum and the 2015 UK general election and for BBC News as an AP on the Scottish referendum. He is also a public advocate of human rights education, mental health awareness and youth-representation.

Anna Chashchyna, 25, Ukraine
Anna Chashchyna is an Ukrainian currently living in France, She works as an environmentalist in the industrial ecology stream and has graduated with MSc in Applied Ecology last September. For her thesis she researched the issue of electronic waste. Right now she is pivoting in her career, focusing on environmental investigative journalism. She zooms in topics of social and environmental injustice, human rights, life cycle assessments, consumerism, urban and post-industrial issues.

Sara Cincurova, 26, Slovakia
Sara is a freelance journalist focusing on human rights. She holds a Master’s degree in Communication Studies from Paris Descartes University. She writes in English, French and Slovak. Her work has appeared on VoxEurope, OpenDemocracy, Women’s WorldWide Web, Dennik N and Tyzden, among others. She is currently making a documentary about refugees.

Irene Doda, 22, Italy
Irene has a Bachelor degree in International Relations and four years of experience as freelance journalist. She has been editor-in-chief of the student magazine of her university and she is currently contributor for the news website Gli Stati Generali and the tech magazine GirlGeek Life. She mainly writes about economics, technology and gender issues.

Tatiana Dvornikova, 25, Russia
Tatiana Dvornikova is a freelance correspondent from Moscow. She obtained a Bachelor in Political Science and currently studies social science for her MA at the French College of Moscow State University. Tatiana started her path in journalism with writing for Kommersant and Colta, where she wrote about international political issues and social conflicts. She was the winner of the Nationwide Contest for Young Foreign-Affairs Journalists and has won an award at the international contest Belarus in Focus.

Oleksandre Guzenko, 22, Ukraine
Oleksandre Guzenko is a young media professional from Ukraine. He holds a BA degree in Journalism and Communications and for the past two and a half years, he has been employed with the Kyiv-based media NGO Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Alex is passionate about investigative journalism with a particular focus on corruption, money laundering and power abuse in the highest echelons of Ukraine's power.

Jan Indra, 23, Czech Republic,
Jan is a journalism student at the Charles University. His bachelor thesis focused on data journalism, a field in which he was twice nominated for the Google Award for young data journalists in the Czech Republic. Jan works for the Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism and he is also a fact-checker for the Organized Crime and Corruption Project. As a reporter he focuses on financial criminality.

Anastasiia Ivantsova, 26, Ukraine
Anastasiia has been working as a journalist for 6 years now, but her career as investigative journalist started only year and a half ago. Now she works for the program Schemes -  Corruption in Details, common RFE/RL’s Ukraine (Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty) and the UA First TV Channel. Her job is to uncover criminal operations in the government. In 2015, Anastasiia won an award in the fourth annual U.S. Embassy-Ukrayinska Pravda Investigative Journalism Competition for her reporting Life at the Reactor. It revealed the facts behind the illegal construction of an apartment complex dangerously close to a nuclear research reactor in Kyiv.

Yanina Korniienko, 20, Ukraine
Yanina is enrolled in the Bachelor program of Political Science at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She started writing for the Ukrainian online magazine when she was 18, and last year she became an investigative journalist in the political edition of the Ukrainska Pravda. She is interested in politics and social investigative reports.

Oleksii Kovalenko, 23, Ukraine
Oleksii Kovalenko is a journalist from the Ukraine. He holds a M. A. in Journalism from the Ukrainian Catholic University and B.A. in international relations and foreign policy. He is a regional correspondent of and an editor in the Ukrainian Office of Genesis Technology Partners. Oleksii has worked as a freelancer with Kyiv Post,,,, the Day newspaper,, with a special interest in financial and economic topics.

Ditte Lynge, 23, Denmark
While studying at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Ditte works fulltime at the Danish daily critical newspaper Ekstra Bladet. After graduating from high school Ditte worked as an intern at the women weekly magazine FEMINA and as a journalist at a local newspaper. Especially interested in politics, she co-founded the political radio program Radioministeriet three years ago. Traveling through the West Bank and Israel last year Ditte now considers a degree in the Middle East.

Ekaterine Maghaldadze, 25, Georgia
Ekaterine just graduated from the MA program of Multimedia Journalism and Media Management at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). She holds a BA in Political Science from the Tbilisi State University, too. She works at the Liberaly Magazine covering environmental, energy and other social issues and freelances for other media outlets, e.g. National Geographic among them. She is also producer and anchor of a daily talk show at the GIPA University Radio.

Aynur Nabili, 23, Azerbaijan
Currently, Aynur is enrolled in the MA program Journalism and Media Management at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, having graduated from the Baku Slavic University with a BA degree in Journalism. Aynur has worked for three years as a journalist at different print and online media organisations in Azerbaijan and has been an author and presenter of several radio programs. Having a background in PR as well, Aynur lives and works as freelancer journalist in Georgia and focuses mainly on social topics.

Andrey Ochvinnikov, 24, Russia
Andrey graduated from the Russian People's Friendship University as an interpreter and the Russian Institute of TV and Radio-Journalism several years ago. He worked for the Spanish website of Russia Today and as an online editor at Ren TV and is currently freelancing, where he focusses mainly on social problems and cultural issues.

Elena Ostanina, 26, Ukraine
Elena is an international journalist with nine years of experience. Before coming to Ukraine in 2015 to work as a correspondent for the German Deutsche Welle, she worked in Moscow as a reporter and editor for Russian independent business channel RBC-TV. She also contributes due diligence and political reports for Western consulting companies and institutions.

Zulfiyya Safkhanova, 23, Azerbaijan
Zulfiyya is working at the media outlet, where she is creating video reportages to study certain topics. She studied at the School of Journalism in Baku with Zeynal Mammadli, the editor-in-chief of Radio Liberty, Aynur Elgunseh, an editor at MeydanTV and others as her teachers.

Christina Soloyan, 19, Armenia
Christina is a junior student at the American University of Armenia in the department of Language and Communications, planning to specialise in Communications Science and Mass Media. She works at CivilNet Online TV as a journalist covering social topics. Also, she is an editor-in-chief of the university’s independent student newspaper, where she is responsible for managing the content and creating new formats.

Gerzson Szántó 22, Hungary
Gerzson is working and studying in Hungary. He has recently graduated from Economics at Eötvös Lóránd University and works as an investigative journalist for the website Átlátszó Oktatás, which is oriented towards education and transparency. He performs video graphing tasks and participates in data driven projects. He is interested in social sciences and politics in general, but in his journalist tasks he focuses on corruption cases and data visualisations. Apart from journalism, he also works in movie production.

Martin Turček, 26, Slovakia
Martin works as a public procurement analyst for an anti-corruption foundation in Slovakia. Previously he worked for the Slovak department of Transparency International. His degree from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics enabled him work efficiently with data, while trying to enhance the government’s spending and uncover cases of possible corruption.

Lena Würgler, 26, Switzerland
Lena is living in the French part of Switzerland. For her Bachelor, she studied art history, and information and communication sciences at the University of Neuchâtel and Berlin and enrolled in the MA Journalism program at the University of Neuchâtel. For her Master thesis, she wrote about the role Switzerland in the reconstruction of Kosovo after the war. Since November, she is an intern at the investigative unit of Le Matin Dimanche and Die SonntagsZeitung. With the editorial team she is working on investigations about  different topics such as contamination of food or water, human trafficking, smuggling, or financial injustice, and took part in the Panama Papers investigation.

Luise Fröhlich, 26, trainee at the Potsdamer Märkischen Allgemeinen Zeitung and Hendrik Lehmann, 30, editor and data-journalist at the Berliner Tagesspiegel complement the Young European Journalism Workshop as guests. Marina Savchenko from our collaboration partner European Youth Press covers the event for the Orange Magazine.  They take part at all modules of the workshop including the Sanssouci Colloquium.

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